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Amount kgCO2e
Red onion 80 gms 0.0232
Lime juice 500ml 0.3
Celery 100 gms 0.012
Garlic 10 gms 0.0095
Ginger 10 gms 0.004
Coriander stick 5 gm 0.001
Red chilli 5 gm 0.0013
Salt 30 gms
Fresh mango 200 gms 0.014
Leche de tigre 80 gms
Red onion in julienne 20 gms 0.0058
Red chilli in Brunnoise 1 gm 0.00026
Cashew nuts 15 gms 0.03
Aji amarillo paste 20 gms
Coriander stems 1gm 0.0002
Salt to taste
Leaf gem lettuce 1 0.23
Dry apple 20 gms 0.0046



  • Leche de tigre: Smash all the ingredients together with a meat hammer or a roller. Add the lime juice. Keep separate around 15 min. Then pass by strainer and keep in the chiller.
  • Ceviche: Cut the mango in cubes of 1cm x 1cm approx. Cut the onion in thin slices, the red chilli in small cubes (Brunnoise) and coriander stems very small.
  • Mix the mango with onion, coriander, chilli, cashews, salt, aji Amarillo paste, and keep in the bowl for 1 minute.
  • Add leche de tigre and mix well for 2 minutes.
  • Serve in deep plate with lettuce on the base, mango on top, and decorate with dry apple, more cashews and coriander leaf.

This recipe is about 79% less carbon intensive than the average meal. Saving approximately 2.36 kgCO2e per serving.

That is the equivalent of charging your smartphone 288 times.