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The Importance of EVs

ONE MOTO – the region’s first electric motorcycles are disrupting the landscape of the food service and last-mile delivery industry, the benefits are vast. There are many reasons to consider an EV over a traditional motorcycle. Some outweigh others and some customers buy electric motorcycles for varied reasons. During our interview Adam Ridgway, CEO (ONE […]

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Sass Brown

“In the developing world, people recycle and reuse much more than in the west because there isn’t a place to throw it away, there is not a garbage collection system that takes it away and you never have to look at it again.” Dean, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) I have been in […]

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Wadi Wurayah – UAE’s Biosphere Reserve

In July 2018, Wadi Wurayah in Fujairah was designated a ‘Biosphere Reserve’ by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco). The prestigious accolade is awarded for protected areas that demonstrate a balanced relationship between people and nature and promote sustainable development. Biosphere Reserves are areas comprising terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems. Each reserve […]

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Sara Al Madani

You’ve started and manage a number of businesses, and are on the board of several organisations. What is your overall approach to sustainability and human development and how do you go about instilling these values into the workplace? To be sustainable is not just something you apply at work, it’s something you apply in your […]

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Green Goals

Emirates NBD was one of the 11 financial institutions in the UAE to have signed the “Dubai Declaration of Financial Institutions in the United Arab Emirates on Sustainable Finance” at the UNEP FI 2016 Global Roundtable in Dubai. What was the outcome of this event and how does the signing of this declaration affect the […]

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Nayef Shahin

How were the values and beliefs of Sheikh Zayed ingrained into the community you grew up in and how did it impact you personally? Well I think the mission and vision of Sheikh Zayed, is planted in all Emiratis. It’s more of lifestyle, where the projection of his vision was more of what an Emirati […]

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Emirati women are the foundation of tolerance and moderation in UAE society

Since its foundation, the UAE has adopted a path of tolerance, moderation, and acceptance. As a result of this, more than 200 nationalities are currently living in the UAE, under UAE laws that ensure justice, respect, and equality for all. The UAE is a bridge of communication and convergence between different people and cultures, based […]

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Sustainability is the New Cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin technology has disrupted our view on money, but can it also truly change our approach to being sustainable? The “Rebound Effect” is a term used for explaining challenges in determining energy savings from efficiency. The effect has two components. The “direct rebound” is the percentage of energy savings from efficiency that are offset […]

Living Walls

By Buzz & Soni   Thirsty landscapes of the UAE have changed peoples’ lives in a way many thought impossible. Amidst a plethora of mighty dunes, a visionary leader set out to transform the barren land into a ‘green paradise’. HH, the late Sheikh Zayed, shaped the country by bringing out the best of all […]

Saving Energy

The Sustainabilist interviewed Ali Al Jassim, CEO of Etihad ESCO , on their role in the built environment, their services and vision for the future. 1. Have sustainability and environmental issues always been a passion of yours? How did you first get involved, and how did you develop your passion? Yes, since my early engineering days, […]