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Celebrating Everyday Heroism: CAFU launches ‘Community Champions’ Initiative and Gives Away Free Fuel



May 3, 2020, 6:11 am

Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, frontline workers and community members across the UAE have shown great courage and resilience in helping those most in need. Unfortunately, all too often these unsung heroes – be it the shop assistants, medics, delivery drivers, or simply the next-door neighbours that help an elderly person rarely get the recognition they deserve. For some these people are just regulars, to others they are champions.

With the aim to celebrate these heroes, CAFU has launched a new initiative called ‘CAFU Community Champion’ providing a platform for those who are going above and beyond in their service to their community. Starting this week, CAFU invites public to log on to CAFU CARES and nominate a champion they have come across from within their community. If selected, the nominator and the champion both will be rewarded with a free tank of fuel with their story featured on the website and CAFU’s social media channels.

Speaking about the initiative, Rashid Al Ghurair, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CAFU, said: “The true power of community lies within the word itself – ‘common’ and ‘unity’. Now more than ever, it is important to come together and to support each other. We are all champions in our right and we deserve a platform that celebrates everyday heroism. Recognizing this work can go a long way in deepening our ties as one community.”

In addition to the new initiative, the CAFU CARES section will also host guidance and support on how to keep your car safe, helping car owners, drivers and passengers make informed decisions about vehicular safety in times of COVID-19. CAFU has been working with local authorities and experts and continues to closely monitor guidelines and information from global health institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the local government authorities.

The announcement follows an initiative that was launched last month in which CAFU has committed to providing all ambulance vehicles that are operated by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) with free fuel for a period of two weeks. As an extension, CAFU is also offering DHA workers that are registered with CAFU an AED 75 discount on their next two fuel deliveries.

For information about the initiative and to know more about car protection and safety, visit CAFU CARES.

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