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Listening to Nature’s Whisper

Climate Change


June 1, 2020, 7:35 am

By Anees Rahman Cheratta.


Me: What’s wrong with you? First Corona, then murder hornets, and now locusts? Why are you giving us such a hard time?

Nature: What’s wrong with me! Listen deeply. You never had authority over me. Yet, you inflated my lungs with pollution and chocked my breath……you filled my blood with plastics and clogged my veins.

Me: Me?

Nature: Yes, it’s only your kind.

Me: I didn’t do anything.

Nature: That’s the problem. You don’t do anything. You are just living an existence, not living a life.

Me: You said I don’t have authority over you. What you think I should do to help you then?

Nature: You should refuse to come out of this lockdown being the same. You should stop this vandalism. But…. but it’s not just me you ruined. Look inside you. Don’t you bleed the same color? Albeit, you are so disjoined by the race, divided by the color, and polarized by the religion.

Me: I can see a point here. We were in such darkness and confusion. We poked our fingers everywhere. We were really up against you….and now we are up against ourselves. Darkness and confusion have characterized much of our past.

Nature: It is not just about you, it is about us. We can’t allow everyone to do what they want or as they please. This world is mine too, so is its problem.

Me: Then you also have the responsibility to purify this world. Don’t you?

Nature: Yes, I do have. I am trying to adjust myself to the destruction you have made. My love to you is eternal and bountiful…and I am trying to preserve my beauty, my colors, and my comeliness for the happiness of your progeny. But for that to happen, I have to confine you to the walls.

Me: But this is gross. When this will be over?

Nature: This too shall pass and you will be able appreciative the life in ways you never did before. Be wise… open up your heart…. leave the past behind…. and try to rediscover your purpose in this world. But most importantly, breath and ‘let others to breath’. Hang in, as better times are ahead.

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