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Axilion Smart Mobility launches MENA HQ

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AI-based traffic management company offers solutions to city congestion

December 6, 2020, 9:47 am

Axilion Smart Mobility announced its expansion into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) today, with the launch of its regional headquarters in Dubai.

As the digital revolution unlocks new opportunities, the AI-based traffic management company is reimagining what is possible for mobility through its groundbreaking Digital Twin technology, which takes a digital replica of a city’s road traffic network to empower cities. The company is merging the physical and virtual worlds to create less congested, safer, and citizen-friendly streets.

Dubai is an ideal hub for Axilion to carry out its well-timed expansion plans, as the city continues to progress in its strategy towards becoming a world-leading smart and sustainable city of the future, and with the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda aiming to make the UAE the safest place in the world.

John D. Porcari, Advisory Board member of Axilion and Former Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation, said: “With seamless integration, Axilion enables cities around the world to reclaim their traffic-congested streets.

We are particularly excited to bring Axilion’s green and innovative solutions to the MENA region, where many government entities and change-makers are looking with new urgency at how to build true smart cities and a more sustainable future.”

Mo Fayez, General Manager of Business Development and Country Manager for MENA region of Axilion Smart Mobility, said: “Axilion’s expansion comes at a crucial time, as the MENA region places a strong emphasis on fostering innovation and sustainability.

The strategic location of Axilion’s HQ reflects Dubai’s ambitions to be the happiest city on earth by embracing technology innovation, making a more seamless, safe, efficient, and personalized city experience for all residents and visitors.”

Axilion’s unique technology utilizes dynamic sensors to provide up-to-date 360-degree visibility of a city’s traffic network. The real-time data drives the creation of the city’s Digital Twin. The virtual mirroring of the physical city enables city-wide mobility to be immediately analyzed, with traffic signal timing optimized and traffic systems transformed to dynamic and adaptive networks.

The result? Improved city-wide mobility for all travelers. Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and those taking public transport experience smoother travel and shorter commute times of up to 40%, while everyone also benefits from reduced carbon emissions, and safer streets. By leveraging current infrastructure, Axilion also helps cities to remain cost-efficient.

Axilion’s new Dubai office will support the company’s growth in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, and Egypt.

About Axilion Smart Mobility

Axilion harnesses the power of AI to help cities take control of their mobility challenges. Axilion’s cutting-edge X WAY suite of AI Cloud Services (SaaS), available through Microsoft Azure, generates real-time traffic insights and optimized traffic plans, enhancing urban livelihoods.

The company utilizes powerful Digital Twin technology alongside extraordinary AI to reduce traffic-related emissions, eliminate peak-time traffic congestion, prioritize eco-friendly travel modes, and cut travel time by up to 40%.

Axilion is committed to delivering solutions that are disruptive, make a difference, and improve city life for everyone.



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