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ENGIE Cofely introduces sustainable initiatives to align to the company’s zero-carbon transition ambition


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January 12, 2020, 6:30 am

ENGIE Cofely, an international leader in providing zero-carbon energy and innovative integrated facilities management solutions, continues its road to increased sustainability by introducing recycled staff uniforms and business cards, electric/low carbon emission vehicles, and have completely banned single-use plastic from their offices.

The company, which recently re-branded from Cofely-Besix Facility Management to ENGIE Cofely, introduced a new range of uniforms made entirely from recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

“A total of 42 plastic PET bottles are used to make one uniform, and to date we have produced 4,200 recycled uniforms for our staff. This equates to 176,400 bottles that have been successfully diverted from landfills, and 28,32876 ounces of carbon saved,” explained Bart Holsters, UAE General Manager of ENGIE Cofely.

“We have also collected all the old uniforms which have also been recycled for a good cause as per our CSR initiatives,” added Holsters.

Along with a host of paper recycling and digitalisation initiatives to decrease paper usage within the company, ENGIE Cofely has also introduced business cards made from recycled paper for all its’ staff. Approximately 40,000 cards are printed per year, which equates to roughly 1 ton of paper or 24 trees per year.

“ENGIE Cofely has also pledged to reduce single-use plastic packaging, as well as encouraging recycling amongst their approved suppliers. We have already adopted a ‘no single-use plastic water bottles or cutlery/cups’ philosophy, and we also recently partnered with Liquid of Life to install water filters in the pantry to avoid using plastic water dispensers. In fact, we calculated that we will divert approximately 6,000kgs of plastic from landfills over 10 years,” said Holsters.

ENGIE Cofely is also currently reviewing the process of transitioning all company vehicles to electric/low carbon emission vehicles to support ENGIE’s strategic ambition to be a leader in the transition to low-carbon transportation, helping to reduce pollution and improve air quality across the country.

ENGIE aspires to become the world leader in the zero-carbon transition. Worldwide, internal practices are fully aligned with this ambition, while ENGIE promotes an internal culture of sustainability and active carbon footprint reduction in all its’ practices.





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