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Sprudel Glass bottle at Downtown, Dubai

August 10, 2020, 4:57 am

The world consumes a million plastic bottles a minute, according to the Guardian. @I_QuitPastic is a digital movement powered by Sprudel to spread awareness about the hazards of plastic pollution on our planet and to eliminate single-use plastic.

The digital movement aims to create a community by channelling people’s inner-changemaker to take #TheSprudelPledge to go plastic-free. Once signed up on the website, pledge takers are encouraged to share pictures and videos taking small steps to live sustainably and tag @I_QuitPastic.

To help raise further awareness on the ease of living sustainably and get started on this journey, Sprudel has decided to not only repost user-generated content on @I_QuitPastic, but also give-away plastic free starter kits.

“I believe this is an ever-green movement since plastic can be found all over our planet, from the peak mountains to the depths of the ocean, and every small step taken towards eliminating plastic matters”, says Shawn Green, Founder of Sprudel.

In the future, Shawn plans to collaborate with other eco-friendly local vendors, NGO’s and non-profit organizations to help provide a variety of sustainable products.

The @I_QuitPastic movement hopes to serve as an extension to Plastic Free July, which is a global movement that has helped millions of people be part of a greater solution by helping eliminate plastic pollution, so that we as a community can have a cleaner planet.

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