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Interview with JinkoSolar’s General Manager for MENA


Robin Li, General Manager for MENA – JinkoSolar

June 15, 2021, 7:06 am

1. How has JinkoSolar contributed to the region’s clean energy endeavours and transformation? What would you say is the company’s biggest achievement in this regard?

PV solar constitute a big part of the reason why market demand for renewables has increased, the rise of the global solar installations and the optimization of overall clean energy investment. JinkoSolar as one of the largest PV manufacturers, has made tremendous progress as an industry when it comes to technological improvements, new technology adoption and new markets opening up. For the Middle East and North Africa, we’re reached, as of the end of last year, 18.7 GW of cumulative installations and Jinko has proudly 30% of market share of that.

Last year installations in the region went down for the first time because of the pandemic. there was a slight drop, however, this year we will see a huge progress in the region in both Distributed generation (DG) & Utility and I believe that the market will grow by more than 30%.

Recently, the company launched its new Energy Storage System (ESS) and the Tiger Pro 54 cell product to lead Distribution market. The high efficiency module is based on the characteristics of the global residential rooftop market and customer preferences, after completing the survey for PV module needs of the regional DG customers in various aspects.

JinkoSolar Energy Storage System is a brand new product of the company’s “PV + ESS” business segment, which can be paired with PV modules to improve the utilization of new energy and solve the problem of electricity demand in areas with inadequate power systems. JinkoSolar can provide the most appropriate clean energy solutions for whether large power plant projects connected to the grid, commercial and industrial power demand, or residential off-grid power demand.

2. What role does technology play in meeting clean energy goals and reducing carbon emissions?

JinkoSolar always ensures that its PV modules play a strong role in its plans to reduce emissions to comply with Environmental Protection and reducing carbon emissions. the carbon footprint is of paramount importance in the context of decarbonising the energy system.

Like any manufactured product, solar panels have carbon footprint certifications. JinkoSolar as a TOP of the tier1 PV producers has worked hard to lower this as much as possible – refining everything from materials to manufacture.

The company invests every year in R&D  to improve its solar panel design to make them more efficient in order to lower its carbon footprint even further.

3. What are some of JinkoSolar’s Energy Storage Solutions and how do they ensure product safety while maintaining high performance? 

Currently, JinkoSolar is developing the Energy Storage Solutions business globally in different sectors including residential, commercial & industry, and utility-scale. JinkoSolar utilizes its own mature supply chain to select the high-quality components and to regulate the quality control process of our suppliers by JinkoSolar standards, achieving high efficiency and high safety of our products.

The JinkoSolar standard means focusing on the details and persisting in enhancing the quality of our products. JinkoSolar selects the Tier1 battery cells with high insistency and adopts BMS balance technology to avoid excessive discharge and charge to increase the lifespan of the batteries as well as boosting the safety of the projects; we apply the fuses and circuit breakers in different positions of the system to increase the safety and reliability.

4. According to you, what is the biggest trend when it comes to Energy Storage Solutions? How is JinkSolar planning to apply it to its business and operations? 

As we all noticed that Energy storage has been a hot topic over the last few years, whether in technology, regulation and government incentives are pushing industry comprehensively. But here are several biggest trends we considering:

Asia is on track to be the No.1 market in the next few years

Several reasons are generating the Asian market to exceed other regions. For example, Lithium-Ion Battery is the major energy system in China and other Asian countries, the cost is continuously falling.  Government Incentives will inspire loads of projects in C&I and utility-scale, Jinko will focus on industrial concertation and layout in upstream, also launching products by interpreting the different market.

Residential ESS growth is outstripping Utility

Since JinkoSolar is the world-leading PV company, we will approach the major residential market in the future with different products. We planning to have our Module installed with our ESS product as a package for home green energy.

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