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Saving Time through Digitalisation

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August 5, 2020, 7:54 am

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has recently witnessed a remarkable transition to the new digital era, driven by various initiatives launched by the Abu Dhabi Government and aimed at advancing digital transformation in Abu Dhabi and ensuring a sophisticated digital society that provides access to the services they require through secure and convenient digital channels. These initiatives aim to not only improve the efficiency of the government work system, but also the level of services provided to the customers by harnessing the latest technologies and digital solutions to serve the community, in line with the Abu Dhabi Government accelerator programme, ‘Ghadan 21.’

There are numerous benefits provided by the transition to digital government services for all parties. For government entities, digital services save working hours, reduce costs, and enhance the quality and efficiency of operations while maintaining the accuracy of data entry. These government services subsequently save customers’ time and effort, enabling them to focus more on their personal interests, develop their businesses, and spend more time with their families.

The Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem, TAMM, constitutes a fundamental pillar of Abu Dhabi’s strategy towards a digital future. Serving as the basis for all government initiatives and programmes aimed at ensuring a smooth transition from traditional government services to the era of digital services, the portal provides the community with government services and platforms, many of which have been launched in the past few months. ‘Abu Dhabi Connect’ is a prominent example and the platform that provides a comprehensive work system to enable Abu Dhabi government entities to exchange documents and data of customers and companies digitally through secure and reliable channels. The ‘Abu Dhabi Pay’ platform is another, which provides secure, standardised and unified platform of digital payment for various government services across different channels.

The Abu Dhabi Government Services Platftom “TAMM” continues to bring happiness and comfort to the Abu Dhabi community by working on projects and initiatives that optimize the customer experience when it comes to government services. Such initiatives would only be possible via the joint efforts and fruitful collaboration among all government entities which follow a customer-centric approach.

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