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MYEARTH'S Starch based grocery bag

May 28, 2020, 11:14 am

MYEARTH is driving innovation by launching a starch-based fully compostable product lineup that is totally organic and soluble in water, thereby supporting UAE’s vision 2021 which aims to create and maintain a sustainable environment.

MYEARTH is the first-ever UAE homegrown company to offer organic alternatives to plastic products. In recent times, we have witnessed an increased awareness around plastic pollution across the globe. Many countries are banning single use plastics including UAE who have taken strong measures like applying surcharges on plastic usage, encouraging awareness campaigns and promoting alternatives to discourage its use.

According to Manoj Kumar, CEO of MYEARTH, “Each and every individual bears the responsibility to change what we seek. Our company is not looking at merely a supplier-buyer relationship in the UAE market. We are looking for partners in every sphere who share our common concerns, objectives and the passion for a sustainable future”

As an increasing number of countries are banning single-use plastics, the search for a viable alternative has started. Cloth and paper-based products are currently being advocated as close alternatives, but they lack the universal application of plastic products. Plus, their production costs are much higher, and consequently, so is their environmental impact.

MYEARTH noticed the gap between versatility and affordability of plastics alternatives and thus decided to create a concept that essentially incorporates the best of both sides. With the aim to sensitize people to the issue of plastic and micro-plastic pollution, they are offering a truly organic and eco-friendly alternative that helps reduce all plastic waste even from the production process.


“According to a National Geographic research, humans might be consuming around 90,000 pieces of Micro plastics each year.”


By creating a starch-based product line that has been certified ISO 17088 for biodegradation, including shopping bags, garbage bags, landscaping sheets, straws, boxes among others it looks and feels the same as plastic but the change is on the environmental impact.

Because the products are made organically from starch, it doesn’t have the adverse effects of plastic! Another element of the production is that it is sustainable and environmentally-friendly which means the material is biodegradable and compostable. Further, since it is soluble in water, it won’t cause choking of water streams or present any hazard to the marine life.

To combat the plastic bags pollution menace many countries have introduced Biodegradable plastics, which eventually result into a bigger problem. These products further break down into micro-plastics, thus inadvertently getting into the food chain and consumed by humans and animals. According to a National Geographic research, humans might be consuming around 90,000 pieces of Micro plastics each year. This is leading to severe environmental issues and many health hazards in humans, animals and marine life.

The company goes on to discuss their plan by saying, “Going organic was the best bet but it presented the challenge of developing a product which is affordable and has the advantages of plastics. This challenge has been addressed through a Starch based completely organic water-soluble product. We shall be soon commercializing this product on a large scale in UAE, GCC and beyond.”

Currently, the company will focus on large scale production and distribution. The production facility in UAE will commence in the near future. With production costs being just slightly above single-use plastics, it’s the most affordable option out of all other plastic alternatives.

MYEARTH is preparing to expand the scale of production in the near future, which will drive the costs down and match those of single-use plastics.

MYEARTH is currently focusing on a B2B business model, primarily operating through partnerships with commercial entities such as Seguro, AFMED, Print boutique LLC etc. to name a few as well as NGOs and government bodies.

Their hope is for the UAE to support the initiative and incentivize other regions and nations to accept the environmentally conscious alternative and expand its offering into European, African, and Asian markets.
The UAE is moving away from single-use plastics, and with more conscious buyers MYEARTH is delivering much better alternatives that are truly going to change the game, as well as the planet!

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