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The Importance of EVs

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September 2, 2019, 9:15 am

ONE MOTO – the region’s first electric motorcycles are disrupting the landscape of the food service and last-mile delivery industry, the benefits are vast.

There are many reasons to consider an EV over a traditional motorcycle. Some outweigh others and some customers buy electric motorcycles for varied reasons.

During our interview Adam Ridgway, CEO (ONE MOTO) stated, “The values of ONE MOTO reside in a trilogy quality, performance and convenience. Which has resulted in regional attention for the brand, although we have a global vision – placing attention to making a difference on our home country is where our focus resides for now”.

The fundamentals for considering an electric motorcycle for pleasure is a lifestyle choice, convenience of mobility, no traffic jams, no parking restrictions, and you need to feel confident in the bike you ride. Many of our test riders were astounded in the torque of the bikes, the range and speed, which is a ‘doff of the cap’ to our R&D team. One of the convenience factors was the ease of charging, so we developed a system that allows owners to charge anywhere through any 3pin socket (240V). Eliminating the need for a separate charging unit and increasing convenience. Other benefits include:


You can save thousands throughout the year, here’s one example:

  • Cheap to no fuel costs
  • No maintenance or servicing
  • No need for engine oil
  • Less need to replace brake discs and pads
  • No road tax
  • No parking costs
  • No registration fees
  • The costs of owning an electric motorcycle are less than traditional vehicles
  • They are totally reliable and come with a confident warranty
  • Tax incentives in some countries too


  • No waiting in queues
  • Park anywhere (within reason)
  • No downtime for fleet/delivery vehicles
  • Charging overnight will give you up to 150kms range
  • EVs charge quicker in warm weather.


  • No smog contributions
  • No emission considerations
  • Reduce in demand for fuel supply (of course this is minimal now, yet it only takes a few to share the belief, create a movement and make the change together)

Many of us motorists are becoming conscious of the impacts to our environment, which are allowing the consideration of an EV. However, the cost is proving to outweigh the want to make change. Most electric cars will hurt your cash-flow due to the considerably higher prices that the internal combustion engine counterpart. Over the next few years as technology increases in intelligence and volume, these prices will come down and as drivers/riders become familiar and confident in their electric lifestyles loyalty will prevail, creating a positive second-hand market for the ‘once-cautious’ convert.


“With the ONE MOTO fleet, a prominent value is affordability, so we looked at varying ways to keep our costs low, quality superior and pass these savings on to our customers – a far-fetched idealism to the ‘old boys’ of industry. ONE MOTO aren’t going to have showrooms and invest in the real estate of sales, instead by building the trust and confidence through rewarding loyalty we are able to sell our vehicles online”.

“Currently, the vehicles we have in the ONE MOTO fleet for the UAE market are the “electa”, a modern take on the classic scooter which is the one I ride around on. Then we have the “byka”, which is specifically designed for the food service and last mile delivery market. We’ve worked closely with the industry leaders to develop them a bike which meets their needs”.

“We’ve developed a series of parcel cars as well which we are going to launch by Q2 next year, we’re just making amends on the range and power, the designs for them are considered and modern”. states Ridgway.

What does the future hold for ONE MOTO?

Ridgway replied, “With our strategic partners in place and more in the contract stage, we are planning to expand into Saudi, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and South Africa, whilst our European Head Office is focusing on the UK and South America”.

General Motors, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and the Volkswagen Group are all poised to launch electric vehicles of their own, and they will do so with a century of experience behind them.

This gives us the perfect opportunity to take stock and evaluate the current situation with electric cars.

That said, ONE-MOTO are to Electric Motorcycles what Tesla is to cars. Pioneers in the industry, taking a giant leap into what we believe as “the future commute”.

ONE MOTO aim to put 50,000 commuters on the road by 2022 and converting the petrol-heads to an appreciation of electric scooter. Vespa has dominated the market for 70 years, so ONE MOTO have remodelled, designed and customised their range for the modern commuter.

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