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Idiosyncratic Modular Bags – Sustainability Really is the New Fashion

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April 7, 2020, 7:54 am

Thinking laterally, Third Culture Co has been exploring the conversation around our relationship and understanding of the environment and single use plastic, for the last two years. With 2 years in the making, the Idiosyncratic modular bag focuses on functional usability with a balance in design.

In a day and age where we are mostly on the go with our coffee, portable chargers, jobs and more specifically our food (this currently has been put on a very humble hault though at the moment). We consume single use plastics without realizing or wishing we didn’t have to, hence requesting others to find solutions to our self made problems (eg: ‘please bring me a straw with my diet coke’). 

Adapting and realizing the pace of life, the Idiosyncratic bag opens conversation with the materials used to make it, further factoring functionality with circular design. Each bag comes with handmade brass cutlery (a straw and spork)  within it. Emphasizing on relearning individual responsibility.

The bag perfectly balances design with functionality encouraging and supporting switching away from single use plastic. Its conscious workmanship delivers a practical alternative to fostering a supportive sustainable lifestyle in the age of plastics as adults and children. Mindfully made of organically produced materials that consider circular design as the base fabric is handwoven and biodegradable.


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